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Welcome to the Robert Webster Freedom* Project website which intends to inform the public about Mr. Webster’s life in prison, and the spaces left out of sentences:  those that run fifty to life, those spent behind bars, those lives interrupted, the crimes of injustice, and the freedom surrendered…the ellipsis that constitutes our system of justice in the United States of America.

Robert Webster is one such man caught in the corrupt justice and correctional complex, ensnared at age seventeen, and now thirty-nine, he has spent his entire adult life in Green Haven Correctional Facility in Stormville, New York for a crime of arson he did not commit.  Statistically speaking, prisoners do not lie about their innocence or lack of it, they simply blame their crimes on forces outside themselves; and as for the innocent, well, they tell their truths.  They speak of hope despite desolation and despair, they cling to the belief that good resides in all people, and they delight in community, and desire the chance to be heard. 

In the coming months, we will provide additional information on the complex life of Mr. Webster; in his own words, he will describe the so-called crime, the socio-historic atmosphere that prevailed in New York at that time, when he was seventeen, and the case that ensued.  Robert Webster did not commit a crime of arson for which he was tried.  Furthermore, he was sentenced unfairly and the only route to freedom is the discovery of new evidence.  In order to reopen his case and get this innocent man out of prison and on his way back to his life, we need to hire investigators to gather new evidence and hire an attorney to negotiate the legal battle.  We will update you on Robert’s status at Green Haven and what we achieve legally, with your financial support, in order to secure his freedom. 

However, we urgently need to get the word out that despite Mr. Webster’s good behavior and Honor Block status at Green Haven, he has now been singled out by commanding officers who have fabricated “misbehaviors” and bogus reports, and is now in grave danger within the Segregated Housing Unit at Green Haven.  Please follow the link below for a report from the Correctional Association of New York’s findings upon inspection of the facility in May 2006.  Therein you will find references to several problem areas, and starting on page ten of the report, you can read about the complaints launched and examined three years ago pertaining to Inmate and Staff Relations which bear an eerie resemblance to Mr. Webster’s current experiences.

Click here for the facility report from Green Haven

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